Aylesbury / Bucks

Our best sellers
Chicken Goujons £2.90

Juicy breaded Chicken Goujons.
Portions available: small £2.90 & large £3.80

Chicken Nuggets £2.20

Battered chicken nuggets.
Portions available: large £2.90 & small £2.20

Cod fillet £4.20

Sustainably sauced chunky fillet Cod fried in our [secret] family batter recipe.
Portions available: regular £4.20 & large £5.30

Curry Sauce £1.30

Full of flavour curry sauce with a slight kick, a perfect addiction to your meal.

[Jumbo] Sausage £1.70

Meaty sausage, available battered and unbuttered.

Loyalty Rewards

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Gluten Free Mondays Gluten free

We want to make sure there is something for everyone on our menu, whatever your dietary requirements. On the last Mondaysof every month , The Codfather Fish&Chips goes gluten free.

*If you have any questions regarding our gluten free offer, please just ask and we would be happy to help.